The Atlantic Memo

Atlantic Memos showcase the best ideas and solutions from Your Opinion articles and Memo Workshops. This collective intelligence of our members is presented as executive summaries to decision-makers who offer their Feedback. The best comments are included in these executive summaries and if your comment makes it in, your name will be included in the list of contributors of the Atlantic Memo. This is your chance to influence transatlantic policy!

Improving Participation in the NATO Defense Planning Process

Memo 53: The North Atlantic Council needs an advisory voting system and more transparency. Regional interest blocs and enhancing the status of civil-military cooperation would incentivize more active participation in the NATO Defense Planning Process. View

Enhancing NATO Cohesion: A Framework for 21st Century Solidarity

Memo 52: A diverse set of policies is needed to unify a diverse set of peoples against a diverse set of threats. NATO should reorganize itself, develop a shared clean-energy grid and strengthen links between different national publics. View

Redefining Relationships Inside and Outside the Alliance

Memo 51: In order to learn from past mistakes, NATO should seek to bring Russia into the fold of European security, refrain from humanitarian missions better conducted under UN auspices, sanction non-compliance to the 2% defense spending promise, and strengthen its democratic norms. View

Future-Proofing NATO: A Forthcoming Decade of Change

Memo 50: NATO must adopt hybrid models of national defense, coordinate efforts on economic and electronic warfare, and secure its space-based infrastructure. The Alliance should also establish a partnership with China and strengthen its presence in the Arctic. View

Memo 49: Creating Cloud Norms While Keeping Innovation Alive

Memo 49: Our Cloud Theme Week looked at the ways in which current regulation on Cloud technology has fallen short or lagged behind innovative technological growth. As part of our new project "Transatlantic Digital Dialogue" we published five articles (February 9 – 13) on Cloud computing and its increasingly important role in business and consumer applications. View

How to Save TTIP

Memo 48: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has the potential to rejuvenate a historic alliance, but also faces strong opposition fueled by mistrust. In order to raise the level of debate and increase public support for TTIP, the US, the EU and its member states should increase transparency, reform or remove the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism and stress the geostrategic benefits. View

How Central and Eastern Europe Can Grow a Strong Civil Society

Memo 47: Atlantic Community members have come to a consensus that new approaches are required in order for civil society in Central and Eastern Europe to reach its full potential. This memo argues that youth engagement can overcome the region's difficult political history, fiscal independence can maintain accountable governments, and innovation must be fostered in all sectors. View

Defining Global Norms on Drone Policy

Memo 46: Atlantic Community members have come to a consensus that, due to current US drone policy, drones need to be regulated to prevent the emergence of a customary law. The latest Atlantic Memo "Defining Global Norms on Drone Policy" seeks reform on both domestic and international levels, resulting in increased transparency and restricted armed drone deployment. View

Thinking Beyond Intervention: A Limited Transatlantic Policy Towards Syria

Memo 45: Arming the opposition, creating a no-fly zone, and intervening in Syria are not feasible options despite currently dominating the headlines. Instead, Western governments should focus on creating political dialogue, inclusive of Assad’s government, that leads to the country’s federalization. They should also secure Syria’s chemical weapons, including through diplomacy with Russia. Lastly, the transatlantic partners should send military and technological support to Turkey’s southern border. View

Embracing Brazil: Transatlantic Cooperation to Confront Global Challenges

Memo 44: Atlantic Community's Theme Week on "Engaging Brazil" produced a general consensus that embracing Brazil as a transatlantic partner should be a key goal for the US and Europe. While initiatives already exist to facilitate this process, they are not being exploited to their full potential. The transatlantic partners must build on these initiatives and, in doing so, acknowledge Brazil as a valuable ally in combating global challenges. View