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NATO Partnerships: Strengthening Ties with Asia

Memo 33: To remain effective in a multi-polar world, NATO should strengthen its collaborative ties with Asia. The Alliance must strive to make China more partner than rival, develop a multilateral plan for stability in Central Asia and Afghanistan, and strengthen existing regional partnerships. View

Women: The Key to Conflict Resolution

Memo 32: NATO member states must integrate a gender perspective in agreements which establish the foundations for stable peace, as envisaged in UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325. View

How to Invest in Afghanistan's Long-Term Stability

Memo 31: The West should secure a positive legacy to its Afghanistan mission before the transition of responsibility in 2014 by strengthening the rule of law, promoting female education, smarter energy solutions and solidifying Afghan sovereignty. View

Arab Spring: The West's Chance for a Fresh Start

Memo 30: Focusing on societal engagement, economic reform, and military confidence building, we should break with our questionable past and respond to the Arab uprisings by taking bold action to improve our reputation. View

Transatlantic Leadership by Example: Toward Inclusive Climate Change Policy

Memo 29: The United States and the EU countries need to lead by example on climate change in order to reestablish moral authority. Environmental sustainability should be made part of the criteria for diplomatic relations. An online and democratic global patent pool will enhance technology transfers. View

The Reset: How Germany Can Set a New Tone for Western-Russian Engagement

Memo 28: Relations between Moscow and the West suffer from a lack of trust. Berlin can play a key role in overcoming this by "resetting" foreign policy discourse and facilitating greater civil society engagement as well as economic and security cooperation. View

Engaging Tehran with Concrete Reciprocity

Memo 27: The only way to overcome the deadlock on Iran’s nuclear program is to engage constructively with the existing regime. Progress will only be made when both sides admit their past failures and engage in genuine ‘concrete reciprocity’. View

Consistent Regime-Change Policy in Iran

Memo 26: The character of the Iranian State is such that rapprochement with the West is impossible. Therefore, a systematic policy of undermining the regime is the only way to stop the nuclear program and prevent a military confrontation. View

A New Strategic Policy for an Alliance in Transition

Memo 25: Focusing on the core mission, strengthening global partnerships, and launching broad public diplomacy initiatives are’s top three recommendations for NATO’s new Strategic Concept. View

Better Aid: Africa Needs an Online Index of Aid Effectiveness

Memo 24: Greater transparency is crucial to improve foreign aid to Sub-Saharan Africa. An index of aid effectiveness should be put online, featuring details on aid expenditures and the outcomes of programs. Those programs that fail to produce results should get phased out. View