The Atlantic Memo

Atlantic Memos showcase the best ideas and solutions from Your Opinion articles and Memo Workshops. This collective intelligence of our members is presented as executive summaries to decision-makers who offer their Feedback. The best comments are included in these executive summaries and if your comment makes it in, your name will be included in the list of contributors of the Atlantic Memo. This is your chance to influence transatlantic policy!

Polar Politics: International Law Is Critical for Alleviating Arctic Tensions

Memo 23: Altantic Community’s experts agreed in the Polar Politics week that military conflict over resources in the Arctic is unlikely. The Arctic Council and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea can ease tensions. View

Focus Afghanistan: Supporting Better Governance

Memo 22: has developed several policy recommendations regarding the international mission in Afghanistan. Members agree that improving the functioning of the state is necessary and that better governance, empowering local institutions must be one of ISAF’s primary goals. View

Seizing Opportunities from Turkey's Growing Influence

Memo 21: Amid growing fears of Turkey moving away from the West, presents the findings from its special analysis week on Turkey. Members agree that Turkey’s foreign policy should not be misinterpreted as a shift East and call upon the US and the EU to start embracing Turkey’s growing influence. View

China Rising: Consistent Engagement Is Key

Memo 20: With the EU-China summit set to take place late next month presents its findings from our ‘China Rising’ analysis week. With policy suggestions for decision makers we are presenting YOUR views to those that matter. View

Global Zero: An End in Itself - Focus on First Steps!

Memo 19: A nuclear free world is an idealistic objective, but the aspiration towards it is an end in itself. The pursuit of Global Zero will discourage further nuclear proliferation. members recommend to focus on primary and intermediate steps towards nuclear abolition and not the ultimate goal of global zero. View

EU and Turkey to Mediate Balkan Tensions

Memo 18: More than a decade after the Dayton Agreement West Balkan countries are fighting over EU membership and against the resurgence of nationalist forces. These factors presently contribute to the emergence of renewed conflict potential. The European Union and Turkey have a key role to play as mediators. View

NATO: Striking Bargains with Member States and Russia

Memo 17: Enlargement, Russian relations and internal cooperation will test NATO’s ability to compromise and strike bargains in the upcoming months and years. In return for greater decision-making power, European NATO member states must increase contributions to the Alliance. View

Somalia: Prosecuting Pirates and Ensuring a Viable Economy

Memo 16: Combating piracy requires judicial and technical avenues to manage the situation. Conducting effective prosecutions will deter further acts of piracy and regional partnerships with the African Union and Arab League can bring stability and economic development to Somalia. View

Middle East Peace: Back to Oslo - with Egypt

Memo 15: There is little disagreement among Atlantic Community members that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be prioritized on the international agenda. Our members believe pursuing a two-state solution and initiating domestic reforms are critical in securing the long desired goal of peace. View

Global Governance in 2020

Memo 14: The challenges faced in an increasingly globalized world demand a change in the approach required to tackle them. The current economic crisis has shown that no one country alone can solve the world’s problems. The “superpower” age is now at an end, and the world must adapt accordingly. View