The Atlantic Memo

Atlantic Memos showcase the best ideas and solutions from Your Opinion articles and Memo Workshops. This collective intelligence of our members is presented as executive summaries to decision-makers who offer their Feedback. The best comments are included in these executive summaries and if your comment makes it in, your name will be included in the list of contributors of the Atlantic Memo. This is your chance to influence transatlantic policy!

Afghanistan Mission: A Hard Sell in Germany

Memo 3: Members of the Atlantic Community question German participation in OEF, support ISAF and want increased emphasis on social issues in Afghanistan. In this Executive Summary, Annette Poelking of the Atlantic Initiative has more on members’ ideas for Afghanistan and an update on the ongoing debate. View

G8 Aftermath: Energy, Development, and Enlargement

Memo 2: Members of the Atlantic Community commented and wrote articles on energy and development policy as well as G8 enlargement at the time of the G8 summit. View

Afghanistan: How the EU Could Do More

Memo 1: Members of the Atlantic Community commented on the appropriate role for the EU in Afghanistan. View