Feedback from Decision-Makers

The process of crowdsourcing for the best Your Opinion articles from members of our community and collecting their recommendations in policy workshops leads to the formation of Atlantic Memos. The Atlantic Community editorial team then works to deliver the memos into the hands of decision makers. The decision makers periodically offer their Feedback on the Atlantic Memos which are posted on By presenting our memos to influential players from North America and Europe, we aim at shaping political discourse and future policy for a better, closer transatlantic relationship.

Atlantic Memo on Drones Presented in Public Panel

Atlantic Memo #46: Defining Global Norms on Drone Policy was presented at a public event in the German Federal Foreign Office. The panel discussion, hosted by together with the Politisch-Militärische Gesellschaft (PMG) e.V., brought together a diverse set of voices to consider the military and strategic deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The discussion also connected young academics with established experts in constructive debate on the subject. View

Feedback on the Atlantic Memo "Engaging Brazil"

Ambassador Zacarias, EU Head of Delegation to Brazil, comments on Atlantic Memo #44, Embracing Brazil. Ambassador Zacarias recommends that cooperation between the EU, US, and Brazil be done by first discussing priorities on the Brazilian side, and thereafter, sharing information on global development issues. In particular, collaboration might be possible over technology transfers, implementation of public policies and the development of targeted economic partnerships. Read her in-depth feedback: View

Responding to "Security in the Sahel"

Dr. Thomas Bagger, Head of the Policy Planning Staff of Germany's Federal Foreign Office, has provided his feedback on Atlantic Community's Memo 43, "Security in the Sahel." In his response below, he acknowledges the quality of our members' contributions to the debate on this topic, and outlines his views on each of the policy recommendations outlined in the Atlantic Memo. We encourage you to respond to his feedback by commenting in the section below. View

NATO's Senior Defense Economist on Security Despite Austerity - Part 2

Adrian Kendry responds to member questions about NATO capabilities, specialization, and other aspects of smart defense. He also explains NATO’s commitment to energy efficiency and talks about resource wars and terrorist financing. View

NATO's Senior Defense Economist on Security Despite Austerity - Part 1

Adrian Kendry has answered questions from members about the security implications of the financial and economic crises. In the first part, he talks about potential threats to the stability of the Alliance, terrorist recruitment and defense spending levels. View

Responding to "Your Ideas, Your NATO"

NATO's Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy appeared at's policy debate in Berlin yesterday via video, offering her reaction to the three Atlantic Memos from the policy workshop competition.   Memos from the "Your Ideas, Your NATO" competition have also received feedback from US Ambassador to Germany Philip Murphy and other... View