The Most Recent Highlights

Shaping our NATO: Young Voices on the Warsaw Summit 2016

Our new policy workshop competition gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to reflect on the most pressing issues facing NATO today and to shape the future of the Alliance. Five winners will receive a trip to Berlin to present the collective ideas to decision-makers. View

How to Save TTIP

Memo 48: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has the potential to rejuvenate a historic alliance, but also faces strong opposition fueled by mistrust. In order to raise the level of debate and increase public support for TTIP, the US, the EU and its member states should increase transparency, reform or remove the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism and stress the geostrategic benefits. View

Group Intelligence and Atlantic Community

During the month of August, we will be highlighting some of our favorite articles form 2014. In this first rerun, the editorial team at Atlantic Community takes a step back to consider the mechanisms behind the analysis our members provide. This exploration of collective or group intelligence reflects on ways in which Atlantic Community harnesses the power of this phenomenon, while avoiding its pitfalls, to produce sound, well-reasoned policy recommendations. View

Twitter Highlights: July 2014

With over 4,990 followers on Twitter and counting, we're very close to our summer goal of reaching 5,000 followers. continues to use its social media platforms to share stories relevant to transatlantic relations and to promote published member articles while engaging with the community on both sides of the Atlantic. Our July tweets cover a range of issues, from the foundations of the transatlantic partnership, to ISIS, to energy policy and European security. View

Event Report: The Cost of Peace and Freedom

The Atlantic Initiative held a public event in Berlin in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation on The Cost of Peace and Freedom: What is security worth to us today? The panel included a security expert and a member of the Bundestag's budgetary and defense committees. Panelists discussed Germany's role in global defense alliances in light of the Ukraine crisis and security issues in the Middle East and Africa. View

Highlights of the Summer so far!

We wrap up June with a look back at some of the highlights of summer 2014 so far. With the recent collapse of the Iraqi government's authority in northern Iraq, the Ukraine crisis and the end of the fifth round of TTIP negotiations, it continues to be an eventful year for the foreign policy community at large. Our members have been especially busy on the site and on social media. Presented below are some of the editorial team's picks for mid-2014's most significant moments at Atlantic Community. View

Focal Points of the TTIP Debate On Atlantic Community

The possibility of negotiating a comprehensive trade and investment partnership between the EU and the US has sparked interest and controversy in equal measure among our contributors and commenters. Read here a collection of some of the best members' articles, social media reactions, Atlantic Community reports and event summaries on the future of this important but controversial transatlantic integration project. See our TTIP Forum for fresh updates on the topic as negotiations continue. View

Atlantic Community Spring Highlights

It is now the end of the spring quarter, and we wrap up the season with a look back at some of the highlights of early 2014. So far it has been an eventful year for the foreign policy community at large and our members have been especially busy. Presented below are some of the editorial team’s picks for spring 2014’s most significant moments at Atlantic Community. View

You Said it First: Syria, Drones & Ukraine

As an open-source think tank, Atlantic Community members are drawn from all over the world, and they work together to shape the process that produces our insightful Atlantic Memos. The field of foreign policy brings with it certain challenges; events are notoriously hard to predict or control. With that in mind, the editorial team wants to highlight some of our members’ most successful analyses and policy recommendations on the toughest issues of the last twelve months. View

How Central and Eastern Europe Can Grow a Strong Civil Society

Memo 47: Atlantic Community members have come to a consensus that new approaches are required in order for civil society in Central and Eastern Europe to reach its full potential. This memo argues that youth engagement can overcome the region's difficult political history, fiscal independence can maintain accountable governments, and innovation must be fostered in all sectors. View