How We Work

How We Work is member-driven. Your Opinion is the main section of the website, where op-eds written by members are published on a regular basis. The op-eds are between 500-700 words and set forth policy recommendations. The editorial team is critical to selecting and editing the articles in order to ensure the highest quality. After the articles are published, fellow members comment on and debate the ideas and policy suggestions.

The editorial team picks the best ideas to go into our Memo Workshops, where Atlantic Community members debate the issues and look for concensus. The staff organizes interactive wikis, through which members refine their arguments, reach common ground, and list concrete policy recommendations. With these workshops, we create Atlantic Memos

Atlantic Memos are one of the core products of's editorial team. The recommendations supported by Atlantic Community members in the workshop get collected into Atlantic Memos. These executive summaries showcase the best ideas from the Atlantic Community.

The Atlantic Community editorial team then works to get the Atlantic Memos into the hands of top policy makers, who then periodically offer their feedback on By crowdsourcing the best ideas from our members and getting their voice heard by influential players in Europe and North America, Atlantic Community is helping to shape the debate as well as future policy.