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June 27, 2008 |  1 comment |  Print  Your Opinion  

From the Editorial Team

Atlantic Community Wins "New Media Award"

From the Editorial Team: The 2008 RIAS New Media Prize was awarded to Dr. Johannes Bohnen and Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen for publishing the online think tank

Founded just over a year ago, has already won its first international prize. The RIAS Berlin Commission awarded the New Media Prize to the publishers of the Atlantic Community, and praised it as a "platform for convening transatlantic exchange, possible only with the availability of the internet."

The RIAS Berlin Commission rewards "radio, TV and internet productions which made special contributions to the mutual understanding between the people of Germany and of the United States of America."

The Atlantic Community editorial team is honored to receive the New Media Award. The website's success rests on the shoulders of our current staff Annette Pölking, Björn Sacknieß, Jörg Wolf, and Sijbren de Jong as well as our former colleagues Casey Butterfield and Will Nuland.

Diligent and dedicated interns from both sides of the Atlantic have contributed siginificantly to the success of our project since April 2007: Ethan Arrow, Tobias Bock, Dominik Bertram, Natasha Doff, Samantha Ferrell, Gaelle Fisher, Julia Frohneberg, Nike Jung, Johanna Gregor, Ben Heine, Niklas Keller, Cosmo Macfarlane, Julia Meuter, Christian Morris, Maximilian Müngersdorff, Crystal Oswald-Herold, Natalia Ruban, Amanda Sarroff, Benjamin Schoo, and Christoph Süß.

In addition, we would like to thank our community members, authors, commenters, and readers as well as our advisory board members for their engagement and support. We are looking forward to more transatlantic debates within our Atlantic Community!

The founding directors of the Atlantische Initiative e.V. and publishers of Dr. Johannes Bohnen (left) and Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen (right) with the editor-in-chief Jörg Wolf.

The award ceremony, attended by some 500 guests, took place Saturday, June 7th in Hotel Adlon at the Brandenburg Gate. The event was an opportunity for RIAS fellows and the US ambassador to Germany to highlight the United States' political and cultural role and presence in the city's recent past.

The RIAS Berlin Commission came into being in 1993, three years after the reunification of Germany. From 1946 to 1993, RIAS had been the Radio in the American Sector - the voice of a divided city at the heart of the East-West conflict, dedicated to truth and democracy, and symbolizing the transatlantic bridge.

After the reunification of Germany, RIAS was integrated into the German broadcasting landscape and became a part of Deutschlandradio. Yet the RIAS Berlin Commission was established to uphold the values and ideals of German-American friendship and to promote understanding between the two countries in the field of broadcasting.

From left to right: Marcus Tepper, Thomas Berbner, Dr. Helena Kane Finn (chair of the RIAS Berlin Commission), Dr. Johannes Bohnen, - , Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen, Steven Rosenberg, Joerg Wolf, Paul Nellen, Tom Noga, Dieter Schroeder (jury member), Inka Schneider (host) und Bernhard Kempf (host) and Melinda Crane (jury member).

This year's RIAS winners included three radio and three TV productions. The first radio prize went to Tom Noga's For a Better World. Noga followed the work of members of a local church in Arizona on the Mexican border and thus attempted to tackle the complex and controversial issue of illegal immigration. The first TV prize was awarded to Alex Gibney for his moving documentary Taxi to the dark side which traces the last days of an Afghan detainee held by US troops in Bagram prison. Please find more information about the awards at RIAS Berlin Commission.

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Ilyas M. Mohsin

June 28, 2008

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My compliments to the two gentlemen as well as AC. Hope we'll start focussing on issues beyond EU/US as the world is turning Global, thanks to IT etc, and despite many exploitative glitches.

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