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October 28, 2011 |  Print  Your Opinion  

Editorial Team

Theme Week: Your Ideas on Europe in America's Pacific Century

Editorial Team: Ahead of the East Asia and ASEAN Summits, our next theme week will examine European foreign policy in the Pacific in light of Hillary Clinton’s recent outline of US policy goals in the region. You tell us: what role should Europe play in America’s Pacific Century?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a recent article for Foreign Policy magazine, detailed what she called “America’s Pacific Century.” This extensive essay, amounting to a blueprint for US foreign policy in the region, asserts that Asia will be the major theater in world politics in the next 10 years, and that a key US interest will be increasing its investment, “diplomatic, economic, strategic, and otherwise,” in the region. With the US set to attend its first East Asia Summit in Indonesia on November 19th, it seems clear that this is a serious push from Washington to pivot its regional focus to Asia.

Here at Atlantic Community we ask: What will this mean for Europe and the transatlantic partnership?

All members of are invited to submit a short op-ed (500-700 words) for our next theme week, "Europe in America's Pacific Century." As always, the goal of op-eds at Atlantic Community is to develop concrete policy recommendations and, in this case, form overall recommendations for European foreign policy in the Pacific.

Your submission should directly address one or more of the following issues:

  1. Does a US pivot to the Pacific naturally endanger the transatlantic partnership? How should Europe react if a US focus on Asia means less involvement in the Atlantic alliance?

  2. Secretary Clinton says the US must build a transpacific “network of institutions and relationships” as they have transatlantic. What role should NATO and European institutions have in forming partnerships with Pacific states and their institutions, both new and existing?

  3. How should the EU react to potential conflicts between China, a top trading partner, and the US, its traditional ally? Is there any way the US and China can be real partners in the region, and what role could Europe play to facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation in the region?

When formulating policy recommendations, you should consider that China, as the preeminent emerging power in the region, will naturally be involved in almost all the issues discussed and in many cases may provide a counterforce to US efforts in the region.

The most convincing member op-eds will be included in the “Europe in the Pacific Century” theme week, together with articles written by senior experts. The best policy recommendations will then be compiled in an Atlantic Memo addressing this topic.

For more information about Atlantic Memos, please see the overview here.

As background, please see links to Secretary Clinton’s full piece, along with the response to it posted by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party in China, here:

"America's Pacific Century" by Hillary Clinton | Foreign Policy

"Goals of US 'Return-to-Asia' Strategy Questioned" by Zhong Sheng | People's Daily

Please email completed articles to Jason Naselli at naselli(at)atlantic-community(dot)org by November 11, 2011, and feel free to direct any questions to the same address.

We appreciate your active participation and look forward to receiving your opinion articles in the coming days!

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