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November 1, 2011 |  Print  Your Opinion  


Cyberdefense: Fighting the Invisible Enemy

NATO: Since the cyber attacks against NATO member Estonia in 2007, cyber threats have rapidly evolved in frequency and sophistication. The development and use of cyber tools can threaten and destabilize national and Euro-Atlantic security and stability. NATO is advancing its efforts to confront the wide range of cyber threats targeting the Alliance’s networks on a daily basis.

NATO’s Strategic Concept and the 2010 Lisbon Summit Declaration recognise that the growing sophistication of cyber attacks makes the protection of the Alliance’s information and communications systems an urgent task for NATO, and one on which its security now depends.

Youtube: NATO Chronicles - Cyberdefence: Fighting the invisible enemy (w/subtitles)

More information: NATO and cyber defence's new web module "NATO's Agenda" is sponsored by the Public Diplomacy Division of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We encourage you to comment and submit op-ed articles with your analyses and policy recommendations for "NATO's Agenda."

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