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Syrian-Isreali Peace is the Key to Success

Aaron D. Miller, Woodrow Wilson Center | November 26, 2008

Instead of focusing on an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement, Obama should invest in Israeli-Syrian negotiations. ++ Talks between Syria and Israel will focus on “withdrawal, peace, security and water - and the gaps are clear and ready to be bridged.” ++ Cementing such a deal would restructure the whole region in favor of US interests, giving Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran less options. ++ Obama should press for negotiations to that end. ++ Satisfying the security needs of both countries will be costly and require US troops.


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Wed, Nov 26th 2008, 16:12

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I like this comment! What's this?
Henry Kissinger's famed formula:

" In the Middle East, starting a war is impossible without Egypt, and establishing peace is impossible without Syria."

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