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January 31, 2012 | An Irish View on the Fiscal Pact Treaty

Fiscal controls were not the cause of the Eurozone crisis and strengthening them will not solve it. ++ The debate over the crisis has been the worst of any Europe-related treaty, the current draft merely delays change for five years. ++ The “shut up and sign” approach is betraying the spirit of the union and Ireland needs to signal that it will not tolerate the “arrogant behaviour” of powers

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July 5, 2011 | US European Command and NATO's Strategic Concept: Post-Afghanistan and Beyond

Atlantic Council Strategic Advisors Group member Harlan Ullman argues that after the NATO drawdown from Afghanistan, EUCOM will become even more important as a means of sustaining and building NATO’s capabilities and capacities in an era of limited defense resources. This Program on International Security issue brief is part of a series of five issue briefs to assess the future roles, missions

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