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November 23, 2012 | Cyprus Conflict Prevents EU-NATO Strategic Partnership

Remziye Yilmaz: Despite all efforts to have a fully-fledged strategic partnership between the EU and NATO, such a genuine strategic partnership has still not been achieved because of various obstacles. Cyprus conflict is one of the main obstacles that have decreased EU-NATO cooperation in the context of security and defense.

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October 26, 2012 | Give them Weapons

James Kratovil: America must step up its support of aid to the Syrian opposition in the form of weapons and must increase its intelligence assets to provide a more informed picture of who should receive this support. By expanding its capabilities within Syria, the United States will be able to shape the events acceptable to Syrians and Americans and will not have to depend on Saudi Arabia influence in the country.

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October 22, 2012 | Turkey and the Arab Spring, the End of Zero-Problems?

David Murdo Ian Macdonald: The Arab Spring has created a number of significant regional challenges for Turkey, whom was caught off guard by the magnitude and speed of events. Several neighboring regimes quickly became destabilized, threatening the delicate balance of regional relations that Turkey had built up.

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October 18, 2012 | Germany-Turkey-United States as a New Triple Entente

Tabish Shah: The on-going conflict in Syria, the anti-American nature of protests in the Middle East, increased Green on Blue attacks, among other issues has created a new set of geopolitical challenges. Could these challenges be better pre-empted by channelling smart defence through a more robust Germany-Turkey-United States partnership in order to advance NATO states’ collective interests?

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September 27, 2012 | Turkey: A Rising Middle Power

Editorial Team: The last two years were packed full of great ideas from our community of over 7,000 members. In surveying opinion articles published by our members during the time, Turkey’s foreign policy under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government remains a popular topic on Atlantic Community.

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June 27, 2012 | Turkey's Prudent Management Ends Syria Crisis

Ross Wilson: Five days after Syria’s downing of a Turkish F-4 fighter aircraft, Prime Minister Erdogan brought the crisis to a close by securing NATO support, reporting its views to the UN Security Council, complaining formally to Damascus, and altering the rules of engagement along the 500-plus mile border with its neighbor to the south. Both militaries may now be somewhat more visibly at loggerheads.

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May 7, 2012 | Losing Democracy: Turkey under the AKP

Anonymous: The first election of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) brought Turkish citizens hope regarding the democratization of the country. Two terms later, opponents are imprisoned because of their political ideas, religious values are infringing on secular institutions, and power is being concentrated at the top.

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March 18, 2012 | NATO's Most Powerful Tool: Turkey

Emine Deniz: Turkey is the key component for sustainable relationships between NATO and the Middle East and North Africa. As a NATO member, Turkey represents a military and economic bridge between the West and MENA. NATO must utilize Turkey’s connections to improve the Alliance’s relations with the region.

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March 18, 2012 | NATO, Turkey and the Arab Spring

Gökhan Tekir: The transition period to democracy for Arab countries that experienced revolutions may beget more turmoil and civil wars. The involvement of NATO highlights the fact that Turkey has a role to help these countries set the course for stable democracies and solid economies.

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March 16, 2012 | James Appathurai on the NATO Mission This Article contains Flash-Video

Editorial Team: Why doesn’t NATO have a good slogan? The NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy answers this and more in a final set of your questions, including answers about post-Cold War relevance and the strength of the Article 5 guarantee.

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March 7, 2012 | Janus-faced Turkey's Syria Challenge

Niklas Anzinger: Turkey’s success story of combining moderate Islam and democracy is being challenged by the ruling AK Party’s power grab. In this game, the struggle for power trumps ideology, but the religious resurgence remains an element of unpredictability in foreign policy. Regarding Syria, reality mugged the ill-guided Middle Eastern adventures of Turkey.

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January 17, 2012 | Turkey as a NATO Partner: Reality vs. Rhetoric

Yurter Ozcan: The Turkish government uses an often negative rhetoric vis-à-vis Turkey’s NATO membership that correlates with public opinion towards the United States. Yet these trends are at odds with the major decisions that the governing party has made, which instead point towards a growing cooperation with NATO partners.

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October 13, 2011 | Israel's Old Road is Rapidly Fading as Times Change in Middle East

John Taylor: While the Jewish state remains the strongest military power in the Middle East, it is increasingly isolated in a region undergoing dramatic political change. Israel needs to adopt a policy of engagement and dialogue with its neighbors in order to safeguard its position in the region.

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September 30, 2011 | Re-Engineering the Transatlantic Security and Defence Relationship

Stanley R. Sloan: As NATO leaders prepare for the May 2012 summit in Chicago, the allies should review their security priorities, redefine defense spending quotas, reaffirm their commitment to global partnerships, reinforce links with Turkey, and find ways to make better use of non-military resources.

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September 16, 2011 | NATO Partnerships: Shaking Hands or Shaking the System

Vivien Pertusot: Are NATO’s partnerships simply a form of public diplomacy intended to improve the Alliance’s image, or are they projects with real strategic potential? NATO now faces three choices: continue with business as usual, allow the partnerships to die, or invigorate them with renewed commitment.

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September 16, 2011 | Can Lower Budgets Produce Greater Security Efficiency?

Christopher M Schnaubelt: Disparate political realities among European states will make integration of national forces difficult. But defense ministries can cut costs by streamlining personnel, developing capable reserves, abstaining from new missions and investing in long-term training and education.

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September 7, 2011 | Turkey's De Facto Moral Compass

Marc William Zedler: The Arab Spring has left the Middle East with a power vacuum. Three regional players, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, will be the region’s deciders for the next decade. As a global middle power, Turkey should take a principled stance in a region that needs its leadership now more than ever.

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September 2, 2011 | A New Track Against a Nuclear Iran

Felix F. Seidler and Niklas Anzinger: The Arab uprisings have opened new avenues for change in Iran. To slow Tehran’s military and nuclear ambitions, Western leaders must find a resolution to the Syrian conflict, while activists should harness the social power of the internet to force the Iranian regime to reform.

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August 11, 2011 | Turkish Delight: A Chance to Realign With the West

James Brian Taylor: Turkey’s relations with the United States and Europe have been strained over the past two years, despite a rich history of cooperation. But the ongoing upheaval in the Middle East provides a golden opportunity for Turkey to realign itself with the US and Europe, beginning with a reconciliation with Israel.

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August 1, 2011 | Nagorno-Karabakh: A Frozen Conflict Threatens to Thaw

Orkhan Gafarli: Before a ceasefire took effect in 1994, the Nagorno-Karabakh War took the lives of over 20,000 people. Now, the “frozen” conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is threatening to heat up once again. Both countries must implement democratic reform if a lasting peace is ever to be reached.

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March 8, 2011 | Energy Geopolitics: Turkey's Role as an Energy Hub

Ece Ozkan: The new “great game” is going to be about natural gas, and the players are already set. This study elaborates on the current debate surrounding the security of natural gas routes and the desire of European officials to find alternatives to Russian backed pipeline projects.

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September 21, 2010 | After the Referendum: Turkey Headed Toward EU Membership

Paul-Robert Lookman: In last week’s referendum, a clear majority of Turkish voters accepted 26 reform proposals to improve democratic rule in Turkey. With a solution of the Kurd and Cyprus issues, this paves the way for Turkey to join the EU. This development should be applauded.

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September 16, 2010 | The Limited Power of Presidential Popularity

Editorial Team: President Obama’s popularity in Europe does not translate into more support for US policies. According to Transatlantic Trends 2010 differences in public opinion remain on Iran and Afghanistan. Europeans are much more pessimistic than Americans regarding the ISAF mission, but they share US support for NATO being prepared to act outside of Europe.

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September 2, 2010 | The Strategic Triangle's Crisis Management

C. Mazzucelli & O. Dursun-Özkanca: The new Strategic Concept should emphasize the Alliance’s role in crisis management, as the floods in Pakistan have demonstrated that NATO’s response is inadequate. The US, Turkey, and France, which make up NATO’s Strategic Triangle, must take the lead in shaping the Alliance’s emergency relief strategy.

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August 11, 2010 | Turkish-Israeli Cooperation and Regional Security

Angelina Harutyunyan: Turkish-Israeli relations depend mainly on the regional context. Iran is playing a role of increasing importance in Turkish foreign policy considerations. Nevertheless, several options remain for improving Turkish-Israeli relations.

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May 20, 2010 | New Turks Are Needed to Achieve a New Turkey

Hovsep Khurshudyan: The West should not lose the chance to get actively involved in helping to modernize the Turkish nation. Former Sovietologists can provide valuable insight in dealing with Turkey since its working mechanisms are similar to those of the former Soviet Union.

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December 9, 2009 | Seizing Opportunities from Turkey's Growing Influence

Memo 21: Amid growing fears of Turkey moving away from the West, presents the findings from its special analysis week on Turkey. Members agree that Turkey’s foreign policy should not be misinterpreted as a shift East and call upon the US and the EU to start embracing Turkey’s growing influence.

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December 3, 2009 | Why the Cyprus Dispute Still Has Not Been Resolved

Deniz Sonalp: The Cyprus conflict has been waiting to be resolved since the island was partitioned in 1963. It is not only a problem between the two communities on the island; it is also an international matter which has important effects on the political positions of many states.

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November 23, 2009 | The US Needs Turkey for its Middle East Agenda

Brian Katulis: Turkey and the US need to coordinate their efforts in South Asia, Iraq, Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict, towards common goals. In order to make progress on his ambitious policy agenda for the Middle East, Obama needs Turkey. To this end, improving US- Turkish bilateral ties is a first crucial step.

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November 20, 2009 | Turkey is Key to Europe's Energy Diversification

Sonja Davidovic: Turkey can play a key role in overcoming existing hurdles to the realization of the Nabucco pipeline project, which will augment Europe’s energy security. In return the EU should assist Turkey on its path to EU membership.

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November 19, 2009 | Europe: Prevent Turkey Turning East

Ghassan Dahhan: Europe should be alerted by Turkey’s foreign policy shift and start treating Turkey as a respected ally, by offering Turkey real EU membership prospects. Turkey is of major strategic importance to Europe and it is up to the politicians of EU member states to alter public opinion.

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August 25, 2008 | The European Union Needs Turkey

Leah McFarland: The EU is competing with other countries for Turkey as an energy transit hub. Giving Turkey membership in the EU would not only enhance the economic and political stability of the country, but would also ensure a much needed energy infrastructure for the EU.

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November 6, 2007 | Nuclear Dealings

Mark Brzezinski: The US has missed opportunities to make sensible progress in India and Iran. In both cases, the United States should be promoting constructive engagement rather than undercutting long-held nonproliferation doctrine.

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November 5, 2007 | Iraqi Refugees: Open Western Doors to the Most Vulnerable

Jan Bittner: The West must acknowledge the disastrous dimensions of the Iraq refugee crisis. First, the most urgent needs must be addressed; second, prospects for the refugees must be developed in the region. The most vulnerable refugees need shelter in the West.

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October 26, 2007 | Iraqi Refugees: The West Overlooks a Major Crisis

Jan Bittner: The Middle East is facing the largest refugee crisis since 1948. Syria, the country which has so far accepted the most Iraqi migrants, has now changed its policy.

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September 28, 2007 | Europe Should Help Iraq, But Not Follow US Lead This Article contains Flash-Video

Joerg Wolf: Noting the high stakes for the continent and its limited capabilities, European analysts suggest that Europe should pursue different policies than the US or make support dependent on more involvement in the decision-making process.

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August 15, 2007 | Rocky Road Ahead For Turkish-American Relations

Irem Köker: I identify the issues to watch for between Turkey and the United States. Although the majority party remains in power, new developments on the Kurds, the Armenian genocide question and Turkey’s energy deal with Iran could have lasting consequences.

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July 30, 2007 | Turkey: Tough Challenges for AKP Despite Landslide Victory

Yiorghos Leventis: The AKP’s recent election victory is not simply a blessing for the party: the specter of violent reaction by the country’s military establishment still looms large. The EU should reward Turkish reforms towards EU membership.

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Global Must Read Articles

September 6, 2012 | A Free Palestine Would Heal Israel-Turkey Relations

Two years after the Gaza flotilla raid, the key to fully repairing Israel-Turkey relations is to find a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ++ This conflict is of significance for Turkey’s Muslims, not just out of religious solidarity but out of political empathy for the denial of Palestinian statehood. ++ Turkey seeks to be a premier regional power and thus, the key regional

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July 20, 2012 | Turkey: NATO's Wedge in Syria?

Among all the countries involved in the Syrian “cauldron”, Turkey’s agenda is the hardest to discern. ++ Both committing itself to regime change and sponsoring an armed group for the first time in a neighboring country, Turkey is taking a huge risk. ++ Capitalizing on recent tensions with its neighbor over air space, Turkey is NATO’s wedge in this phase of the Arab Spring. ++ Turkey’s role is

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June 8, 2012 | Making a True Friend in Turkey

President Obama has invested much time and effort to cultivate a friendship with the prime minister of Turkey and it’s beginning to pay off. ++ Turkey’s preeminence in the region, although apparent today, was less so in 2009. ++ Obama impressed Ankara when he argued for Turkish membership in the EU, while Turkey installed a US missile defense radar system. ++ Despite a few minor hiccups,

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March 23, 2012 | Turkish Delight? The Feasibility of the "Turkish Model" for Egypt

While comparisons and arguments for why the Turkish Model is relevant to burgeoning MENA countries now undergoing transition abound, the infeasibilities of “selling” this model have been less explored. This article makes the argument that positing Turkey’s successes in the last decades as a “model” for transitioning MENA countries is counter-productive. The author examines this concept primarily

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January 16, 2012 | Turkey Balances East-West Interests Over Syria

Turkey is now spearheading a joint Western-Arab-Turkish policy of forcing President Bashar Assad to cede power in Syria. ++ Previous good relations with Syria and Iran were part of a “zero problems with neighbors” policy. ++ Turkish attempts to mediate between the US and Iran have been wrongly interpreted as an “Islamic” foreign policy; their turn to the East is in fact based on solid strategic

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December 9, 2011 | The US, Turkey, and a Budding Relationship

Obama and Turkish PM Recep Erdogan have become unlikely partners as the Arab Spring has evolved. ++ After a blunt confrontation at the G-20 in Toronto, they have found common ground on Afghanistan, Iraq, and the fight against terror. ++ The relationship will now be key in pressuring for a peaceful change of power in Syria. ++ The “Turkish model” has become the hope for many Western

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September 6, 2011 | Israel Should Apologize To Turkey

By refusing to apologize to Turkey for its disproportionate use of violence against the Gaza flotilla in May 2010, Israel is effectively isolating itself from the international community and its closest allies. ++ Israel’s defiant stance on the issue is a short term victory for the political far right, but it severely undermines the country’s long-term strategic goals in the region.

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August 31, 2011 | Israel Should Intervene in Syria

By intervening in Syria, Israel could seize the opportunity offered by “the convergence of moral imperatives and strategic goals”. ++ This would oppose the passive precedent Israel has set in the Arab Spring, but offering a corridor for Syrian refugees via the Golan Heights could prove a “diplomatic coup” for Jerusalem, weakening the Assad regime while isolating Hezbollah

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August 30, 2011 | "Libya's Impact Will Shake the Assads"

Libya will have a “tremendous” effect on the Syrian uprising, boosting the morale of protestors and casting doubt on the Assad regime. ++ The EU must intensify pressure by banning oil imports from Syria, while Lebanon should join other Arab states and Turkey in condemning Assad and strive to prevent cross-border trafficking of weapons and money. ++ To seize the momentum, the

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July 6, 2011 | What is Wrong with Germany?

Germany’s economy is humming, its exports are at an all time high, and its corporations are among the most dynamic in the world. ++ And yet, Germany finds itself isolated from the global community. It sits on the sidelines while its closest allies intervene in Libya, it balks at helping Greece and it rejects Turkey’s bid to enter the EU. In other words, Germany is afraid of changing

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June 15, 2011 | Turkey is an Islamic Role Model

The remarkable electoral success of Prime Minister Erdogan will enable him to tackle Turkey’s external and internal problems. ++ To improve its place among world economies, Turkey should engage in bringing peace and stability to the Middle East. ++ Other pressing issues include the division of Cyprus, the ‘frozen conflict’ with Armenia, the Kurdish problem, and the need to fix

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November 3, 2010 | The Future Pillars of Europe: EU, Russia, and Turkey

Lord Ismay, NATO’S first General Secretary, once said that the goal of the alliance was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” In today’s multipolar word, he would have had to rephrase this imperative: For Europe’s security, it will be essential to keep the EU united, Russia post-imperialist, and Turkey European. After all, the Americans

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July 27, 2010 | Turkey Turning East but Looking West

Western opinion holds that Turkey is turning East, but Ankara is actually pursuing a policy centered on its economic and geographic power. ++ Europe remains a key goal, but Turkey has diversified its alliances and no longer depends on the will of its American and European partners. ++ It has isolated the PKK by cultivating relationships with its neighbors, and this peace pays extra dividends in

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June 24, 2010 | Dark Clouds Hang Over Iraqi Kurdistan

The recent rapprochement between Teheran and Ankara is manifesting itself in an increase of their activities against the Kurds in the North of Iraq. ++ “The Kurdish Regional Government has a hard time making its calls for calm and more respect of its territorial integrity heard.” ++ The Kurds suspect that Iran wants to promote a Shiite political takeover in Baghdad. ++ “A

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June 15, 2010 | Turkey and Israel at a Tipping Point

“The Armenian genocide must never ever be allowed to become a political football for selective use by two erstwhile allies to sort out their relations and the contents of their closets.” ++ The hypocritical Turkish reaction to the Israeli attack on the flotilla bound for Gaza, and the selective denial of their history reveals the true nature of Turkey’s leaders, to pursue

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June 3, 2010 | Turkey on the Brink

Israel-Turkey relations suffered greatly on Monday, with Prime Minister Erdogan calling the Israeli attack on an aid flotilla a “bloody massacre” and warning that “today is a turning point, nothing will be the same again.” ++ As a western-aligned democratic power, Turkey could do a great deal to bring about peace and stabilization in the region, however these comments

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May 27, 2010 | Turkey and Brazil at Fault for Shameful Deal

The recent fuel deal among Turkey, Brazil, and Iran was merely an attempt for Brazil’s Da Silva and Turkey’s Erdogan to prove they can be powerful players on the global stage. ++ Both Brazil and Turkey are young democracies trying to overcome their history of military rule, but “for their leaders to embrace and strengthen an Iranian president who uses his army and police to crush and

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April 7, 2010 | The West Needs Turkey in Europe

Discussions on Turkey’s EU membership tend to neglect the fact that the country’s strategic significance has skyrocketed since the end of the Cold War. From the standpoint of Western interests, Turkey plays a key role in conflict resolution from the Balkans to the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia, to the Persian Gulf region. It is hence essential that the United States and the

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February 17, 2010 | Turkey and Asia: A Win-Win Scenario

Since assuming power, the AK Party in Turkey has shifted foreign policy eastward. ++ Turkey should continue to strengthen ties with Asia politically, economically, and culturally. ++ This policy shift can be seen through Turkey’s increased trade with Asian countries and greater presence in Asian international organizations such as ASEAN and CICA. ++ “Turkey feels the need to pursue a

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November 18, 2009 | Causing a Splash: Turkey in Tehran

Turkey’s motives are being questioned within the European Union over its growing connections with Iran. ++ Some argue that Ankara could further the Union’s policies concerning Iran’s nuclear capabilities, while others contend that Western efforts will be frustrated by “lessening that country’s sense of isolation.” ++ The West risks ruining its own relationship with Turkey over short-term

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October 23, 2009 | EU: Don't Let Go Of Turkey

The growing opposition against the accession of Turkey to the EU is a dangerous development. ++ In recent months Turkey has been a very active player in the Middle East, signalling its fatigue with the EU and demonstrating its importance as a regional player. ++ A European Turkey would enable Europe to compete with regional powers and provide access to a region that is of crucial importance to

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October 20, 2009 | Turkey: Master of Public Diplomacy

Armenia and Azerbaijan have some lessons to learn from the Turkish-Armenian reconciliation, where the employment of soft power and public diplomacy created the enabling environment for the signing of bilateral protocols. ++ Although Azerbaijani President İlham Aliyev and Armenian president Sarskyan support a resolution, they struggle to ‘sell’ it to their citizens. ++ Turkey should

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October 7, 2009 | Lebanon Should Mediate in Cyprus Conflict

The lingering conflict between Turkish and Greek Cypriots needs to be resolved now the conflict is riper than ever before. ++ Although Turkey has demonstrated a benevolent commitment to defusing the conflict, internal Cypriot politics are standing in the way of a peace deal. ++ This is where Lebanon, a valuable friend to Cyprus, should step in and use its leverage to convince both parties of the

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September 9, 2009 | On the Doorstep for 50 Years

This summer will mark 50 years since Turkey first asked to join the EU, a feat it still cannot achieve. ++ Despite this “Turkey’s leaders say they remain committed to their bid, however long it takes” even though public support is quickly falling away. ++ The EU should make an earnest commitment to Turkey joining eventually as not to continue to undermine the complex reform process

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August 14, 2009 | How Russia Takes Turkey

The Turkish-Russian relationship has improved immensely since Turkey’s setback in its EU accession plans. ++ Despite supporting Europe’s Nabucco pipeline project Ankara also cooperates with Russia over gas supplies. ++ “If Turkey still had hopes for EU membership, it probably would have reacted differently” to Russia’s interest. ++ There is no reason for Ankara to coordinate its

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July 3, 2009 | Watch Out For Turkey, the Rising Strategic Star

Turkey’s rapprochement with Syria shows its transformation to a confident regional player. ++ The foreign policy crafted by the Islamist regime has three focuses, making Turkey a valuable international partner: to forge ties with Iran, politically and economically, be a respected mediator vis-à-vis the US; be a respected broker in the Middle East, regarding the Arab-Israeli and Iraqi

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March 24, 2009 | Realism Still Carries the Day

The election of President Obama created hope that realism will cease to determine US foreign policy. ++ But the changing attitude of Obama towards the Armenian genocide prioritizes American-Turkish relations—and American national interest—over human rights and international justice. ++ The emphasis on the strategic interest reveals that it would be “naive” for the Greek

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February 18, 2009 | Female Deputies Wear the Trousers in Turkey

The Turkish Parliament has voted in favor of a motion allowing female deputies to wear trousers — symbol of freedom and equality of the sexes — when working. ++ As straightforward as it may be, this must not be taken for granted in Turkey where during the 90s women entering the House wearing trousers were forced to leave and repeated attempts to remove this ban failed. ++ Thus the “Yes,”

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February 2, 2009 | Erdogan's AKP Alienates Turkey From the West

Developments in Turkey since AKP’s accession to power in 2002 are seriously compromising the special relation between Ankara and the West. ++ Activities at both the domestic — discrimination against women — and international level — rapprochement with Iran — are alarming. ++ Antisemitism is also rising: the “Jewish community is being threatened: businesses are being boycotted, and instances

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January 16, 2009 | Obama to Revive Relations With Turkey?

The US-Turkey bilateral relation is under strain due to disagreement over policy under the Bush administration and many hope that the change of Presidency will bring a change of feeling. ++ However, this might not be the whole story as the Turkish governing party also shares part of the blame. ++ Under AKP, anti-Americanism has been growing stronger in the media, with false and inaccurate

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December 17, 2008 | Turkey Knows How to Mediate In the Middle East

Over the last year Turkey has accomplished more in the Middle East than the entire transatlantic contingent. ++ Last week Erdogan negotiated with the Afghan and Pakistani presidents over economic projects, in which both countries are interested. ++ The Turkish Parliament is not only preparing further projects in the Gaza strip, but is also promoting talks between Israel and Syria regarding the

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September 5, 2008 | PKK Attacks in Cities Try to Divide Turks and Kurds

Intelligence sharing between the US and Turkey has forced the PKK out of the countryside and into the cities, bringing their violent attacks with them. ++ Further security measures, such as protected bus routes and tightened defenses around static targets, are needed to prevent future strikes. ++ Having failed to construct a separatist movement among the Kurds, the PKK now turns its attention to

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August 29, 2008 | Turkey Must Choose Between NATO and Russia

Will Turkey side with the US, its NATO ally, and give it access to the Black Sea to assist Georgia, or will it choose Russia? ++ Russia is warning Turkey that it will hold it responsible if US ships do not leave. ++ Turkey depends on Russian gas and, more importantly, the two countries share many negative opinions about the US. ++ Azerbaijan and Armenia are worried about a Turkish-Russian

... More

August 4, 2008 | Turkish Democracy Has a Very Narrow Safety Margin

Last week Turkey narrowly averted a catastrophe when its Constitutional Court turned back state prosecutors’ motion to disband the ruling Justice and Development Party by only one vote. ++ Had the prosecutor succeeded in his request the will of Turkish voters would have been disregarded and Turkey’s chances for EU membership ruined. ++ Such a ruling was a victory not only for Turkey, but

... More

May 7, 2008 | Crisis of Democracy Jeopardizes US-Turkish Relations

While Turkey’s judiciary, with support from its bureaucratic and military elite, threatens to disband the AKP, the US remains reluctant to take sides. ++ The US should realize that these anti-democratic groups are not necessarily more pro-Western, and formulate a clear pro-democracy policy towards Turkey. ++ Staying non-committal will be viewed by the majority of Turks as hypocritical pragmatism,

... More

April 17, 2008 | The EU Is Putting Turkish Democracy at Risk

The EU’s treatment of Turkish democracy is “more functional and opportunistic than principled.” ++ In its recent condemnation of the Turkish judiciary, the EU wrongly interpreted secularism as a threat to democracy while simultaneously disregarding the rule of law, separation of powers, and independence of the judiciary. ++ Accession negotiations and pulling Turkey toward the EU are more

... More

March 28, 2008 | The OECD: A Response to Turkey's Challenges

The significant and growing contribution of emerging markets to the global economy demonstrates the strategic importance for the OECD to cooperate and engage with them, with an ultimate view to membership. ++ Countries like Turkey also have much to gain from the OECD’s knowledge of good policy practices. ++ The OECD’s platforms and instruments would provide for “increased

... More

November 9, 2007 | Turkish Invasion of Iraq Would Set a Dangerous Precedent

Ankara’s belligerence threatens Iraq’s fledgling democratic institutions, and encourages other neighbors such as Iran and Syria to settle disputes within Iraqi territory, writes Jamaa Alatwani for the Iraqi newspaper Kitabat.
Cataloged by the European Union and the United States as a terrorist organization, the PKK finds opposition but also support among Iraq’s Kurdish MPs, as some remain

... More

June 4, 2007 | Turkey Struggles with the Nature of their Democracy, reports Robert Ruby

There is growing doubt among Turks that democracy can thrive within their country, reports Robert Ruby of the Pew Research Center. Pew Global Attitudes surveys indicate that, in conjunction with recent turmoil over presidential elections, concerns are increasing over the growing role of Islam in domestic politics. According to Ruby, the events of early May could intensify fears that mixing

... More


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