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August 4, 2008 | Our Wish List for China

Frank-Walter Steinmeier: The rise of China makes the world a different place. Therefore, China should also accept the responsibilities of a global power. Other countries should seek its cooperation, not confrontation.

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February 12, 2009 | Appeasing Russia Over Missiles in Eastern Europe

Biden’s comment at the Security Conference in Munich regarding the need for expert opinion prior to deploying defense missiles in Eastern Europe has raised fear in the Czech Republic. ++ “It’s beginning to look as though the Americans were taking us for a ride. Now that there’s a new driver in the White House, they think they can just drop us off at the curb.”++ Retreating on the missile

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January 30, 2009 | Sarkozysm, Second Class Gaullism

France finds itself once again immersed in massive protests directed against Mr. Sarkozy, compared by several to General de Gaulle for their common attempts to monopolize power. ++ A striking difference, however, ought to be pointed out: Sarkozysm has “no heroic feats of courage, no sacrifice for the common good, little sense of history or public service.” ++ The socialist party has so far been

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January 16, 2009 | 2009: End of the Putin System?

Rapid triumph after the South Ossetian August war and oil barrel prices reaching the stars seem to be no more than distant memories for the Kremlin. ++ The financial crisis has hit Russia hard: aside from making oil prices fall under $40 in December, it has put the entire Putin system on the edge of collapse. ++ Despite no longer being President, PM Putin is still the big man of the country;

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December 11, 2008 | British Power Lies in Culture

Britain’s culture commands admiration from around the world; more so than its politics or economic power. ++ Football, leading universities and an elegant command of the English language are among the most iconic of Britain’s cultural offerings. ++ In order to maintain this “magnetic power abroad,” the state must play a limited role in cultural affairs. ++ However, increased public

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August 28, 2009 | The issue of media raises very serious...


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