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October 24, 2011 | Time to Call China's Bluff on Environmental Regulation

Jason Naselli: China’s new environmental regulations on mineral mining are seen by many as a ploy to inflict economic costs on competitors. But they can also be an avenue to open up dialogue between China and the West on environmental policy and our approach to global resource problems.

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August 2, 2010 | When Will Big Oil Ever Learn?

Christoph Suess: Big oil suppliers like Halliburton should be humble given the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, they are claiming that the current crisis won’t affect their business significantly. Governments and above all we, the informed public, should not put up with such obscene behaviour.

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April 23, 2009 | Future of Democracy in Question After Financial Crisis

Bijan Daniel Khezri: Blind faith in democracy is coming to an end. Rather than introducing more regulation, democracies should become more corporate and results-oriented. Until such reform happens, increasing numbers of ambitious citizens will abandon democracies for other nations.

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Global Must Read Articles

February 17, 2009 | Don't Worry, It's All Part of the Game

When comparing the recession-prone capitalist system to the recession-free communist system, it is surprising that it is the latter which has collapsed. ++ Despite numerous predictions of its demise, capitalism continues in the twenty-first century. ++ This is because of its power to “re-engineer itself and evolve into new forms that get rid of defects.” ++ The current crisis is

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October 29, 2008 | But Words Can Never Hurt My Financial System

European financial schadenfreude and finger-pointing directed at the US might be premature crowing. ++ Not all roots to the crisis stem from New York, rather mainly from London and Frankfurt. ++ Blaming the US and calling for a new global financial order is “an excuse to restore European statism as official policy.” ++ History, especially Japan’s, has exhibited the superior

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July 30, 2008 | The Global Economy Needs to Slow Down

The deepening financial crisis may seem a rationale for expansionary global macroeconomic policy. ++ Individual countries may see some short-term growth benefit to US-style macroeconomic stimulus, albeit these vantages will be minimal compared to the inflantation which they initiate. ++ There is a need to introduce more banking discipline and to call on policymakers to refrain from excessively

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April 26, 2007 | Hands Off Hedge Funds

The current conventional wisdom on hedge funds—which have rapidly emerged as a major force in the world economy—is that they are dangerous and should be subject to much broader regulation. Sebastian Mallaby, economist for the American Council on Foreign Relations, offers a different view. Mallaby challenges the image of hedge funds as a threat to market stability and argues that they mitigate

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