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RE: Doha, the BRICS, and Debt are the Main Motives for TTIP

Thank you for this. It’s very informative, and interesting. I have much greater understanding. However, given the current political climates both in the US and in the EU, there is some question on how trade will be affected. With the UK currently trying to negotiate trade deals to follow their exit from the EU, it would almost seem as though world trade has taken a bit of a back seat. The EU has essentially said that the UK cannot leave the EU to avoid paying into the union of a payday company like nation 21, and still expect to receive all of the member benefits, such as protected trade.

RE: Homogeneity at Home, Security in the World


thanks for sharing your article. I am not a specialist on Greece-Turkey relations so I won't dare to comment on the entire text, but I have an impression that it underestimates Turkey's importance for NATO and its efficiency and operability. Obviously you mentioned that it can play a crucial geo-strategic role, but I think it's not enough to stop here. Same as Ileyas mentioned, I agree that Turkey is a valuable member of the alliance due to its geo-strategic position. I also agree with Michael that "Turkey also plays an important role in the alliance [...] and occupies a very strategic location in relation to Russia and the Middle East [...] this can [not] be overlooked". I would add here more arguments, brought up by Prof. Jaap De Wilde: "Turkey is everything. Europe. Asia. Black Sea. Mediterranean Sea. Caucasus. Middle East. Indicator and isolator. Where one logic stops, another starts". I would add borders with Syria, Iran and Iraq. Bosphorus... It's especially important for US Navy to have access to the Black Sea, and also Turkish airports and sky, on the way to Afghanistan and back. So many elements combined, that you simply cannot imagine NATO without it. Plus Turkish army itself, fourth strongest in NATO. Therefore the recent developments it Turkey are so disappointing.

RE: How to Write a Great Op-Ed

What do you think about thesis statement maker tools, like Can I use it?

RE: Trump and NATO: Opportunities and Dangers

Understanding the difference in the state and condition of the American economy will allow us to better understand the strategic differences in the reasoning behind the approach concerning warfare for both the Bush and Obama administrations. However, as is with President Trump, neither of the prior administrations had followed through with the principle of ACCOUNTABILITY as has the Trump administration. President Trump is doing well by holding both his domestic administration and those of our foreign allies accountable for their spending and contribution to the Alliance and the contractual agreements we have in defending, preserving, and protecting democracy and its expression throughout the world.

RE: Remedies Against Populism

The copy and paste is from the New York Times . Unfortunately, I must sometimes fight to get things through. It is from the January 24th issue of the New York Times online article .