US Ambassador to Germany Philip Murphy: "We live in a world where information is at citizen's fingertip. Those with credibility and ideas that resonate with audiences will garner attention and generate partnerships. This is the idea behind the Atlantive Initiative. Johannes, on behalf of the Embassy, I commend you and your colleagues for using the power of technology to take the discussion of transatlantic issues beyond the four walls of this institution… I also commend you in your efforts to mobilize and activate the today's young leaders."

CDU/CSU Foreign Policy Spokesperson Philipp Mißfelder: "The think tank dialogue, with the big exception of the Atlantic Community, does not work in politics in Germany like it does in your initiative. Usually we get papers, you are able to read it or you are not, but to have a dialogue like it is today, like it is in other forums you are organizing, it's an outstanding initiative and so I would like to support it also in the future."

NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Dr. Stefanie Babst: "I would like to begin by commending the Atlantic Initiative on the fantastic work you've done in promoting greater debate, discussion and dialogue on a wide array of international security issues, including how NATO can be even more effective in ensuring peace and security. The Your Ideas, Your NATO project is just but one of many outstanding and exciting projects you have spearheaded. Your commitment to strengthening transatlantic bonds is unmatched and I am happy to continue contributing to your efforts and supporting your activities as for as long and as much as I am able to from Brussels. I would like to salute all of you for participating in this important and… revolutionary project. This is precisely the kind of discussion and debate that contribute to a stronger alliance."

Dr. Jorge Benitez, Director of NATOSource and Senior Fellow in the International Security Program at Atlantic Council: "Atlantic Community promotes true communication, including strong disagreements, but in the form of healthy, factual debates.  As allies and partners in leadership of the international system, the U.S. and Germany need such honest communication of views and disagreements.  This is constructive and necessary, unlike the divisive and distorting methods of some journalists on both sides of the Atlantic."

"Thank you for putting together the Atlantic Community Strategy session and contributing to the transatlantic discussion of NATO's new Strategic Concept and the future of the Alliance.  As always, your great work helps people understand to NATO better and provides valuable opportunities for them to interact with transatlantic leaders."

Olga Kolesnichenko, Journalist, Press Attaché for the Russian Youth Atlantic Treaty Association: "And of course my success is always due to the common efforts of the Russia-YATA Team and especially of Atlantic Community Team as our mentor. I very much appreciate your kindness and high professional level. Every day I look every day at your site and learn how better I may provide the information about NATO and about world security. This is the real example of Germany's role in the Global Security Policy. Russians are continuing to share the German experience with great pleasure."

Samuel Erickson; International Affairs Master's student at New York University; one of the winners in our "Your Ideas, Your NATO" Competition: "This has been a tremendous experience for me and I really appreciate your making it possible. Both the memo writing process and the Atlantic Community website as a whole are very unique platforms and I am excited to stay involved."

George Williams Nitambaazi; MA student in Democratic Government and Civil Society at the University of Osnabrueck, Niedersachen, Germany: "I have learnt a lot from the successful students and their excellent writing skills. I continue to read and follow the Atlantic debates. This experience, like never before, has broadened my knowledge about transatlantic issues and has also given me a self-reflective as a prospective public policy analyst."