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Short opinion pieces (500-700 words) with a strong thesis and policy recommendations are the core of the Open Think Tank. Some advice on how to write and submit a great op-ed. We also encourage you to comment on the articles by fellow members.

The best arguments from the articles and comments will be summarized in Atlantic Memos that are presented to decision-makers.

Georgia's Road to the West & the Russian Obstacle in its Way

What should Georgia expect from its relationship with Russia even if the West gets nothing but aggressive energy policy and a disregard for international law? Four years after the August War in 2008 the road to the West for the young democratic country remains dynamic and filled with geopolitical struggles. View

NATO's Senior Defense Economist on Security Despite Austerity - Part 2

Adrian Kendry responds to member questions about NATO capabilities, specialization, and other aspects of smart defense. He also explains NATO’s commitment to energy efficiency and talks about resource wars and terrorist financing. View

NATO's Senior Defense Economist on Security Despite Austerity - Part 1

Adrian Kendry has answered questions from members about the security implications of the financial and economic crises. In the first part, he talks about potential threats to the stability of the Alliance, terrorist recruitment and defense spending levels. View

Flying Home - The Road to Recovery

For many of the soldiers injured in Afghanistan their war is over, some of them will make a full recovery while others require round-the-clock care. The dedicated team of staff and volunteers at the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility, or CASF, work tirelessly to make sure these soldiers return to their families. View

Ask NATO about Security Despite Austerity

Adrian Kendry is NATO’s Senior Defense Economist and works in the Emerging Security Challenges Division. In our latest Q&A, he takes your questions on the interaction of economic and security challenges. Watch his opening statement. View

NATO Assistant Secretary General Responds to Member Questions

Ambassador Grabar-Kitarović has answered ten questions from members and friends. Read her responses on NATO policy on women’s rights, UN resolution 1325, Afghanistan, Arab spring, and the Balkans. View

Exclusive Q&A with Ambassador Grabar-Kitarovic on Women, Peace and Security

In celebration of the 12th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, invites you to participate in our next Q&A session with NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, Ambassador Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović. She will be answering questions on "Women, Peace and Security". View

Europe Needs Not More, But Better Integration

Before they demand more Europe, pro-Europeans have to say how citizens can stay in control of the process. The grand project of finally making the European Union into a true economic union and finally risking the step to create a true political union after more than five decades will only be successful if citizens see themselves as part of the process. View

How to Reduce Green on Blue in Afghanistan?

The increasing number of insider attacks have been a serious issue for the coalition forces in Afghanistan. However, there are a number of reasons behind these attacks. The issue of cultural sensitivity is one of those major elements. In order to build relationships, the US military should first win the hearts and minds of those who work for them. View

Obama vs. Romney: Fighting to Be Different

Tomorrow marks the second US presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The debate, in a town meeting format, will include not only domestic policy but also foreign policy. How do the two candidates approach the outside world? Here is a look at five main foreign policy issues: trade; conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan; Israel-Palestine; Iran; and Russia. View